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July 24, 2005

Sunday Recovery

Perhaps because of the 5-hour nap I’d taken the day before, and no doubt with help from the liter of water I’d drank before going to sleep, I woke up alert and reasonably peppy. Had another brunch. Joined a field trip to Dundas Hill, the prominent basalt peninsula just out of town.

We were joined by several archeologists, who showed us the remains of some old native houses insulated with sod. After the tour, we scaled the peak. The hike was steep, and up top is just a broad, flat plateau. Ron told us to look for the Lady of Dundas at the far end. Can’t miss her, he said. Quintin and I had our eyes out for her, but didn’t see anything resembling a woman. When I found her, I quickly realized my mistake. I was looking for something with a head. The Lady of Dundas is an rock formation which from the back looked to me like a phallus and which from the front looks quite like a woman’s torso, thanks to the skillful modification of bulbs into breasts. “Well, what do you want?” asked Quintin. “Conversation?” “I was at least hoping for a head,” I replied.

We did see some peregrine falcons, and that was cool.

When I got down from Dundas to the van with Jeff and Ron waiting and they asked how it was, I disappointed them. “It’s….. a big flat rock,” I said. I’d been spoiled by Green Valley.

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