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July 31, 2005

Here's Where the Story Ends

Saturday was departure day. We needed to have our baggage on the pallate by 5:45 AM for take-off at 8. Or so. I can't remember. I spent the morning on last-minute organization of the GPS equipment, and just missed the bus to the plane. So I got a personal escort from Ron. "I have to make sure you get out of here," he said.

The flight back to Schenectady was packed. Besides our group, there were a bunch of folks coming back from Summit. A lot of the people had been on our same crowded flight north. Our folks were the first to sprawl, including on each other. No politeness anymore, just Give me your shoulder. I slept for part of the time, but was actually awake for part of the flight, too. Quintin and I amused ourselves by playing music for each other on our iPods.

Luckily, we'd missed the heat wave in the States. When we arrived in New York, it was 80-something and humid but not ridiculously so. Whew. No major trauma there. Although it was kind of funny to see people in shorts and tee-shirts.

From the airbase, we split. Most of us went back to the hotel we'd stayed at on the way in, whether we were going to stay there or not. I cancelled my hotel reservation so I could head south with Darren to his stomping grounds, go swimming in a lovely lake and climb for a day or two in the Gunks. Unfortunately, the logistics were starting to seem complicated, so I ended up ditching the plan, re-reserving my room at the hotel, and keeping my flight out to Denver the next morning. Still, Darren, Arlie, Quintin, Quintin's girlfriend Jamie, and I went to lunch, which was a nice way to end things.

[My introduction to sticky seeds. Unfortunatley, you can't really see the one on my ear. Pretty cool.]

Then, Darren and Quintin took off and Arlie and I were left to be lazy in our hotel room. Jolene and Ken were also staying in our hotel, and Jeff and Maggie, but Arlie and I were both feeling deliciously lazy. So instead of being social, we both took naps, then woke up to order room service and watch a movie and then go back to bed. And that was that. The next morning, we were off (along with Ken, Diana, Jeff, and Molly) to the airport. And I flew to Denver.

I was sad to part with everyone, but if I had to go home, I may as well just get there. My friend John picked me up from the airport and drove me ALL THE WAY HOME, which was awesome. I travel so much that I hardly ever get picked up at the airport, and that bus ride home is probably the hardest part of the journey. Thanks, John.

Thanks, Greenland buddies. Thanks, barking foxies. Thanks, bunnies. Thanks, musk oxen. For not trampling me. Thanks, ocean. For not freezing or drowning me. Um.... Thanks, America, for making me what I am today. Oh, geez, let me try that one again... Thanks, TOW Club. Thanks, 109th for getting us there and back. Thanks, Greenland, for being there. And thanks, (H)Ellen, for hitting on Erik instead of me.

Posted by beth at July 31, 2005 4:40 AM


Dear Wild and Crazy Woman,

I should be studying for my board exam, but the more I cram into my brain the easier I find myself being distracted. I took a short break and went to my computer and Googled “ McMurdo” hoping to catch up on the latest. (I had worked on the Ice a few years, with summer 02-03 being the last trip.) I stumbled upon your awesome blog. Girl, you can write. I have to admit that I felt a little like I was eavesdropping on some conversation I wasn’t meant to be part of, but that didn’t stop me from clicking and scrolling away. And then what do you know, I spied some pics of some friends of mine. My good buddy Rich Joss being one of them. So that inspired me to give him a call and catch up with him. We had a good chat like we always do. So, this is where this story is going…the next night while out and about I spied this woman who looked just like you. (Now what are the odds of me running into you after just seeing your blog the night before? Pretty damn slim if you ask me.) I was down at the PCC on Aurora in Seattle standing next to my bike when this wild-eyed woman came zooming up on her bike and proceeded to walk into the store. I thought to myself, “hmm, that girl looks familiar somehow. Nah, I don’t know her”. I jumped on my bike and headed home. As I peddled away, and the more I thought about that girl, the more I thought I knew her. Then it dawned on me that she looks just like that girl with the iceblog! Now it’s probably my mind playing tricks with me, and that’s happened too many times before, but what the hell. Were you at the Aurora Street PCC on the night of Wednesday August 17th ?

Cheers, Eric

Posted by: Eric at August 19, 2005 5:37 AM

Dear Beth,
I will never get bored of your blog, your astonishing pics, your stories! Thanks again for all the beauties you show! The world is in need of persons like you, who can save knowledge in an interesting form, not like a silly TV show, but like life itself: full of everyday adventures, as fairy tales, but built upon the castles of thirst for knowledge. Carry on this way, Beth!

Posted by: Noli Me Tangere at August 30, 2005 9:45 AM

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