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July 23, 2005

Back to Thule

None of us, that I knew of, were ready to leave. I wanted to stay there forever. Still, when we were all packed and ready to go and just waiting for the helicopter and Jeff said, “First eight people to put their stuff over there go on the next load!” there was a mad rush. The eight of us that were hanging out together closest to the landing site playing cards and chatting and such together rushed, anyway. For me, if we had to leave, may as well go and get the waiting over with, get back and get our showers and get on with it. That’s what I did. I got back, immediately took a shower, and crawled into bed. And took a loooong (5 hour) nap.

I found after I woke up that not everyone had gotten super-stellar, long naps like I had. There was some fear that not everyone would rally to go to the TOW Club as we had been talking about all week. But everyone did. Everyone from the class, anyway. Well, almost. Ken didn’t make it, and John didn’t come out. No professors, either. But almost all the students were there, the two field assistants, and some of the grad students. We had a great showing. In fact, as I later described to Ron, we probably made up 75% of the people on the dance floor 75% of the time. And, there were no wallflowers in our group. Everyone was up there on the dance floor at some point, including Jane, and no one really needed prodding.

At one point, chatting with Heather on the dance floor, I looked over to see Jenny dancing rather closely with a Dane. “Think Jenny’ll hook it up with that Dane?” I asked, and Heather said, “Maybe.” “You don’t think she needs help, then?” I asked. “We have signs,” Heather said. “I haven’t seen any signs.” “Like what?” I asked, and we both looked over at Jenny. She was facing us with the Dane behind her, his arms around her waist, and she grimaced at us with her eyes wide and teeth barred, I understood. That, for instance, would be a sign. We immediately went over to save her, each one of us grabbing an arm and leading her away dancing.

We drank and danced into the night. So far into the night that when we left it was light out. Oh, wait, it was light all the time. So far into the night, then, that we essentially closed the place down and were only 10 minutes shy of breakfast when we got back to the hotel. By the time we’d debated and recruited and tried unsuccessfully to recruit and got our meal cards and went over to the dining hall, breakfast was being served. Mmmm, omlette toast sausage 5 AM.

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