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May 5, 2005

Cold Weekend

My parents have been bugging me to take a picture of my car (nothing fancy, but it's my first, and they haven't seen it) and I *finally*, after a year, happened to have my camera with me and remembered to on Friday morning. Here it is:

So, yeah. I had the foresight to grab some gloves on my way out of my apartment, which came in handy for clearing off the windows. Luckily, I grabbed the gloves from my season on Erebus, which had the fingertips eaten out of them by the lava rocks. That was, uh, cool. Once I got the snow cleared, I actually sort of enjoyed scraping the ice off until I saw that other folks coming out to do the same did not quite appreciate it as an art form like I did and were already on their way to work when I was still working on the same window.

It snowed Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For those of you who might have forgotten, Sunday was May Day. Frickin' Colorado.

[Flowering tree in Erica's backyard, Saturday.]

Luckily, the sun was out yesterday morning when I woke up. I could see through my bedroom window as I still lie in bed that the flowers just outside had been liberated from their snow caps and were backed by blue sky. I was elated. I have been working from home the past two mornings, and it is absolutely lovely to have breakfast and lunch on my own little balcony in the sun (oh, the glorious sun!), feeling its warmth, and I even got to do some proofreading out there yesterday. It's great.

Here's the view (this morning) from my apartment. It's not glamorous, especially since mostly what I'm looking at is the apartment building across the way, but I don't look at the apartment building across the way--I look at the Flatirons.

And, I even remembered to take a picture of my car.

Posted by beth at May 5, 2005 5:28 AM


funny girl that daughter of mine is!

Posted by: wilma - mother of beth at May 5, 2005 7:39 AM

well you have a very nice car..and I too love the view of the mt's . I am fixing a mexican meal tonight for the guys in honor of cinca demio .. the snow will end soon.. like you need more snow in your life..

Rob and Lisa and the guys at lucky 13;'s

Posted by: rob at May 6, 2005 8:35 PM