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April 13, 2005

Toolik, Continued

Day One at Toolik was socked in and unproductive. We organized everything that needed to be organized and started in on a simple task which took us all day. The next day, I wrote this:

Another day at Toolik. The day was much nicer than yesterday, with sun and blue sky for most of the day, the mountains visible and crisp and clear and snowy white-blue. It did a lot for my morale. It did everything that could be done for my morale. I danced around a bit in the sunshine. Today is gonna be a good day. I have a good feeling for today. Things are going to get working.

I knew it was likely just wishful thinking, a warm-clear-weather beginning-of-the-day sort of attitude. But why damper it with that thought. I’d rather figure it was going to be a good day. And, in some sense, I was right. We got the GPS working by changing a parameter that we shouldn’t have had to change, after two expensive iridium phone calls to my supervisor, Jim, outside in the cold. (But sunny cold.) Then we tackled other tasks that didn’t work right away and then with some fussing did. We got the last one figured out just before supper time.

[Andrew and I test the equipment. His pants are the really thin kind that are good for keeping the bugs off in tropical weather. No long underwear underneath. Andrew's wierd.]

That night, I went for a walk just after the sun had finally dropped out of view. It was probably around 10 PM. I just wanted to check out the camp a bit, and see what the surrounding area was all about. I went down to the sauna building, which is on the lake, and enjoyed the quiet night and view.

[Panorama of camp]

[The sauna]

[My prints next to those of a mystery critter who was there before me]

[The GPS antenna, keeping company with the moon]

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