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April 14, 2005

Leaving Toolik--Back to Fairbanks

It was somewhat sad to leave on such a nice day, but it was also exciting--the drive back promised to be lovely, and I was looking forward to warmer weather. Sun on the north side of the Brooks Range and sun on the south side of the Brooks Range are both nice, but it's a lot warmer on the south side.

Before we left the station, the camp manager, Rich, gave me a present. I was so obviously impressed by the hard-bound, "Special Limited Edition" (so it said on the hard cover) Cabella's catalogue and its display of camo couches, acrylic bullet-filled toilet seats, and hunter action figures (5-point deer and ATV also available) that Rich gifted me my very own camo cap. Someone had left it in the sauna last season.

[I also got the standard Toolik Lake mug.]

[Rich. Camo hat not included.]

[Me, Andrew (a bit squinty-eyed), and Max]

We got our goods out of our dorm,

and hit the road.

Shortly after leaving, we stopped alongside the road to help Max pull down one of the instruments he had set up on a nearby bedrock outcrop. I mostly let them work, and I took pictures. I don't feel bad about it. There wasn't much to do.

Once we hit the road again, Max dropped his binoculars onto the front seat so they would be handy in case we saw any mountain sheep. As it turned out, we didn't need the binoculars. We spotted some on a bluff just alongside the road. They were pretty darn close to the ground, but seemed to prefer the more challenging footing of the rock.

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