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April 15, 2005


We arrived into Fairbanks at a decent hour, and I checked into the same hotel I'd stayed in before. This time, I had a downstairs room looking out onto the Chena river.

I lied on my bed and wrote:

I’m back in Fairbanks. It’s nice to be back, because that means I’m a step closer to home. Home being Boulder. I’m also a step closer to being in my growing-up home—even closer to that than Boulder, since I’ll stop off in the Seattle area to see my family and friends before heading for Colorado. If you’re a friend of mine in the Seattle area and would like to see me and are offended that I haven’t contacted you, don’t be. I haven’t contacted anybody yet, except my parents. I’m thinking barely one step ahead, so now my thoughts are just transitioning to my stop-over in Anchorage this weekend. E-mail me.

It’s also nice to be back in Fairbanks because it’s warmer than Toolik and it has hot showers. I just took one.

I probably meant to write more, but got distracted. the next day, I met up with Andrew and took care of last minute errands. I then dropped in on Steve McNutt, a volcano seismologist at UAF that I met several years ago, and ended up at his house for a relaxing glass of wine with him and his wife and their boys. It was a nice way to end the stint in Fairbanks.

Friday, I was off to Anchorage. Vacation time. I had booked a cheap room in a decent hotel for my friend Dave Haney and I, and the plan was to meet up with our friend Mike for dinner. I know both from the ice.

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