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January 19, 2005

Lake Hoare, Again

I'm in the field again! And loving it. The weather is fabulous and Lake Hoare is, as usual, fantastic. I love this camp. Can't help but think it's for lame reasons--it's comfortable--but it's for some good reasons, too. It's a beautiful place. Glacier, frozen lake, good people. It's a bit magical. The evening sun on the raw mountains.

I'm out until Saturday, and then in theory will go back in. Weather-dependent. Today was sunny and clear in McMurdo and here, but there was a low fog inbetween, so helicopter flights were limited. I was lucky to get out here.

Lucky indeed. I had a fantastic day walking around on Lake Hoare (trying not to fall through the surface ice to puddles melting out underneath) with my buddy Phil, measuring stakes in the ice to see how the lake ice moves around from year to year.

And now, sleep.


[Lake ice]

[Evening light at Lake Hoare]

Posted by beth at January 19, 2005 10:22 AM


Hey Beth - it looks like there is something on the other side of that lake, like some sort of structure either on the banks or floating in the water... Any idea what it is?

Posted by: Michael Burton at January 20, 2005 12:57 AM