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October 24, 2004

Update, Oct 24, 2004

Not much new to say. Last night was our first non-school-night, and today is our first day off. On all accounts, I've been low key. Last night, I visited my friend Lisa's room which is *fabulous*, listened to some friends play music at the Coffee House (the wine bar), and shared a couple beers with friends at Gallagher's (the non-smoking bar). Today, I slept in, helped my roommate Elizabeth with her jewelry show (and even bought a couple pieces), enjoyed Lisa's slides from this past year off the ice, and came here to take care of a few things but my stomache demands otherwise. I'm hoping to have a nice, quiet evening, with some time to do my thing and organize. There's always too much going on, especially with only one day off a week!

This coming week will hopefully bring a day trip to Erebus and continued organizing of the immense amount of equipment which needs to go out mid-November. And the planning of my Halloween costume for Saturday.

Posted by beth at October 24, 2004 5:43 AM