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October 4, 2004

Getting Ready

It's October, it's fall, and it's time to go south.

I have actually started early this year, and have been getting ready for a couple weeks now. Physically ready, that is--emotionally, I have been READY to go for at least a couple weeks. I am very excited to go back to the ice. I'm excited to go to Christchurch, I'm excited to arrive in McMurdo (my stomache just turned briefly into a little flock of butterflies as I envisioned that process), I'm excited to establish my room with two wonderful women, Julie and Elizabeth, who I know and love, and I'm excited to see some great folks who I befriended two seasons ago and who are going to be back this season. Those are the things I am most excited about.

Then, there is work, and getting good and into a healthy work ethic and getting excited about doing a good job of the job and about getting out into the amazing Antarctic world. Seals and penguins and barren rock and dynamic glaciers and the wind, the cold, the sun--raw, unhindered elements.

And, I'm bringing down skis this year. Skis and warm fuzzy things, like stuffed animals and socks (compliments of my parents) and a fleece blanky. Those things are all for McMurdo. I did get some new boots and a new jacket for the field, though, and a travel alarm that I can close up in my sleeping bag so it won't accidentally get shut off (or stop working because of cold outside my sleeping bag) which shows the temperature. Those things in the field should be fun.

I also have new contact lenses and got my camera fixed and am in the process of getting new glasses and broke down and got an Ipod and basically have been running a lot of errands the past few weeks. I'm ready to be done running errands and just go. Although getting new stuff is kind of fun. I'm just sick of packing up my room.

Right--the living situation. I moved into a closet when I came back in March. The closet is a large closet/storage space which I have made my own, and am now in the process of making generic again. I will store my stuff at a friend's house, as I've done in years past, and will reclaim it when I get back to Boulder in March. In an ideal scenario, I will move into a place in which I can actually unpack everything, but most likely most my boxes will once again stay packed and I'll save that hope for another year.

I fly to Christchurch, New Zealand from Denver via L.A. and Auckland October 13-15 (New Zealand is a day ahead), which is next week. I have three nights in Christchurch, which will be nice, and then am scheduled to head down to McMurdo October 18, which is a Monday. Two weeks from today. Except less, since New Zealand is that day ahead. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, since Jim and I have a lot to do once we get down there before the first projects start going out in early November.

Stay tuned! The adventure is just about to begin.

Posted by beth at October 4, 2004 8:57 PM


Beth, Good to hear from you. I'm looking forward to another adventure. Wishing you the very best. It's nice to see someone living their dreams.


Posted by: Ed at October 5, 2004 1:27 AM

looking forward to seeing some good pictures of the ice and hopeing you have a safe and fun trip to the ice.. take care.

the guys at THE LUCKY 13 fire statiion..

rob and company

we are haveing rob's home made meatloaf tonight. yumm

Posted by: ROB at October 5, 2004 3:53 PM

Can my daughter send a school project letter to you? She's hoping for a postcard in return.
I have a couple other questions, one mainly is how long does snail mail take to reach the pole?


Posted by: Robb at October 5, 2004 10:19 PM

We've been looking for an update from you, Beth. Glad to see you're heading down. We'll follow your blog, but we wonder if you can keep up with iceblog demand as well as the workload?

ps. I've met some "coasties" who claim McMurdo is more a resort than a lab. I have a hard time believing that, considering the average temp of 19 degrees (I'm guessing), but thought I'd ask for your opinion. Is it like, vacaciones, man?

Posted by: bill & jess at October 6, 2004 3:15 AM

BEFF!!! I'm hungrah! I'm also feeling kinda

Posted by: Kishn at October 8, 2004 10:23 PM