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May 4, 2004

Still Kickin'

Okay, no, it's not that iceblog is down. It's not that I'm down, either. It's just that I haven't posted anything in a while. A long while.

Which is a shame, because life has been fun.

More than fun, really. I got back to Boulder March 11 and it's been almost nothing but fun since then. Right. More than fun, whatever that is. I love my house and my housemates and my friends and the friends of my housemates etc. It's a happy family. Not yet disfunctional. I've partied like a rockstar, gone to a few good shows (Damien Rice, David Grisman Quintet, Spearhead), helped host a number of barbeques and dinners at my house, got lost backpacking in the desert with my friend Erica, and ... and I don't know. Whatever else. I've been working, too, and work's been busy. Teaching a course here, talking at a high school, training some folks in Delaware. Delaware. My first trip since I got back from the ice. And now, I'm getting ready for my second: Alaska. I've never been to Alaska. I'd never been to Delaware, either, but that's different. The project in Alaska is at a field camp on a glacier in the Brooks Range, in the middle of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. I was told that all the field party saw in the same place last year, though, was a bird and a couple bugs. Too high and vegetation-less for animal life to really take hold.

That's that. Here I am. I leave for AK on Sunday. Soon! Sad to leave Boulder, but I'll be back--just in time for the Telluride Bluegrass Festival (and backpacking beforehand) down in southwestern Colorado. Hoooooo-ray!

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