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January 1, 2004

Happy New Year!

Happy 2004!

I don't know about the rest of 2004, but what a night. Oh, my.

It started with a few drinks in my friends Kelly and Liz's room, and moved on to a party at the BFC, where mustache painting was running rampant.

[Heli techs Kevin and Brian, and myself with highlights compliments of Kevin.]

New Years was celebrated with a ball drop an hour early, for those who wanted to get to bed. New Years is a school night in McMurdo.

The early ball drop was also convenient for those of us who wanted to catch New Years at Scott Base, the Kiwi base over the hill. Kelly, Liz, and I left the BFC to catch a shuttle over.

At Scott Base, there were more friends to be nutty with and lots of people to smooch at midnight.

[Liz, Kelly, Jen, Julie, me on top.]

[The countdown to midnight at Scott Base.]

The night just kept going from there, probably longer than it should have, but (for better or for worse) there are pictures to remind us of moments otherwise forgotten.

[A Lauren sandwich. Lucky guy, stuck between Jen and I. He's destined to have a good year.]

New Years in Antarctica: A party, like everywhere else in the world. In fact, this was probably my biggest New Years ever. Here's to 2004: More adventure, more friendship, more sharing, more learning, more teaching, and, of course, more fun. Why the hell not.

Posted by beth at January 1, 2004 4:32 PM


Hi, Looks like you had aterific New Year Celeb.
I was wondering ...I collect naval/ Antarcica naval/sunmarine covers with the postmark.Would you be able to send me a stamped/cover or letter if I mail an envelope to you of if you want you can mail me an envelope. thanks-hope you reply.
Bye, Criss
P.S. I live in New Castle, PA. near Pittsburgh-about an hour from PGH.

Posted by: Criss Janovick at January 2, 2004 2:28 PM

Happy New Year to everyone there!

I have been enjoying the beautiful pictures on your web site. I hope you have a Happy and Safe New Year.
I wonder why they don't make calendars with pictures of pristine snow and ice on the pages in the summer months, when it is so hot and humid here that it is like living in a steam bath. Again, the pictures are fantastic!

Best wishes! (Meilleurs voeux!) Bonne Annee et Bonne Sante!

Dorothy- St. Pete, FL

Posted by: Dorothy at January 2, 2004 3:11 PM

Hey! I LOVE Antartica, and you guys make it look so much fun. I wish I could visit! :(


Posted by: Sunflair at January 2, 2004 5:15 PM

Oops, forgot to say I live in Nebraska where it feels like Antartica much of the Winter.

-Sunny the Famous

Posted by: Sunflair at January 2, 2004 5:16 PM

Hi Beth and friends,
Happy New Year! I hope that '04 is a rewarding year for everyone at McMurdo, and at Scott. Keep up the good work, and thank-you for taking the time to "Iceblog". I enjoy seeing your pictures and reading about your experiences there. I'm sure that it is very rewarding to be there, and I wish everyone the best of luck and happiness always. Best regards,
Jeff Krause
Arroyo Grande, CA

Posted by: Jeff Krause at January 3, 2004 2:45 AM

Gee,Beth--your website is really picking up a following! and I can see why. it's fun and interesting,and the pictures are super!! ( I can say " I knew you when.."! love, Aunt Loraine

Posted by: aunt loraine at January 3, 2004 3:22 AM

HI Again: from rural ontario canada where we just got 2 cm of snow and now freezing rain in t he works - up until today if you looked outside you would not know what time of year it was = - grass and open water - my friend has had his boat out and went swimming albeit with a wet suit -,keep up the super site -,

Posted by: CLAUDIA at January 3, 2004 5:08 AM

Happy New Year to you and everyone down there. Im in the Seattle, Washington area and our New Year contained snow. Unusual for here and its still snowing off and on. Funny how snows so normal where you are and so out of the norm here.

Have a wonderful 2004, Ill be following your page.

Posted by: Reed at January 3, 2004 5:21 AM

Happy New Year, to all of you!

Posted by: barbara at January 4, 2004 4:51 PM

Happy New Year!

Posted by: jlori at January 5, 2004 9:20 PM

Hello, Beth. Happy New Year.
A friend of mine was down at McMurdo for a while. I wish I could make a trip down there. My souvenir, Antarctica Zippo will have to suffice. Great blog.

Posted by: jonathan at January 6, 2004 7:47 AM

just wondering if you knew Micheal & Kristen Tayloe. They're EMTs down there... and happen to be my aunt uncle.
email me back!


Posted by: Taylor Caton at January 6, 2004 11:55 AM

Happy new year. we guys and gals at the fire staion here in albany oregon. celibrated on a call t a nursing home. we watched the fireworks going off all around us as we took care of a sick old lady. it was a fitting start. to a busy year for us. the weather her is bit icy and snowy and everyone if freeken. as they are not use to the slip and slide...
we put on the crock pot with homemade chile but did not get to eat it till the next shift as we got so busy .
thanks for the pictures the party looked fun. have a fun and safe year. the guys and gals here at lucky 13 . send their saluations. keep up the good work
ROb. FF/Paramedic at luckies 13 albany oregon

Posted by: Rob at January 7, 2004 7:39 AM

Goodness Gracious! I had a whim to see if I could locate you using 'google' and low and behold, you're in Antarctica. Who'd a thunk it? Just seeing what my old pen pal was up to. To say the least, you've taken the cake. Hope all is well for you in the land of ice and snow (and to think, I thought I lived down South - hmm...)

Best of new years to you!

- Lars

Posted by: Lars Hacking at January 10, 2004 5:57 PM