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January 14, 2004

F6 Day 2

It's amazing how exhausting it is just to walk around out in the cold air all day. I've gotten too used to nice weather, and now that the weather has taken a bit of a turn and the air has cooled down, I feel resentful. But it's no fun to do work when it's cold. From 10 AM to 5 PM, Karen and Justin (of the Stream Team) and I have been walking around surveying a stream to map it's thalwag and the location of various sample sites.

I was going to start off this entry with an energetic "What the heck is a THALWAG? Is it a monster? Some growth in one's throat that must be removed? The name of a superstar's kitty cat? No. The thalwag is the deepest part of a stream channel." That's how it was going to start--educational, fun--but hearing Justin snoring lightly on the bench behind me just minutes after he lied down focused me on our exhaustion instead. I would I were that man lying on that bench, then I too would be snoring lightly in gentle indulgence.

[Mummified seal. More than just asleep, and from the looks of it it's been that way for a while. How do they get all the way up the valleys? Cruise on up, realize too late there are no sources of food.]

There is still at least one hour's worth of work to do today, and then we will go over to the neighbors' for dinner. The Yeastie Boys, a group (consisting of both men and women) studying yeast in the Valleys, are working out of the camp across the lake. One of their team members, Regina, is supposedly a wonderful cook, and they have converted one of the camp's labs into a sauna besides. Should make for a nice end to a long day.

Posted by beth at January 14, 2004 5:08 PM


Anyone who read about July 2003 may have seen something about three drunken military guys. This is one of them, and it was a damn good time! Beth, get to Greenland again. We'll tone it down this time.

Posted by: Sra Matthew at January 15, 2004 11:39 AM

Hey the guys want to say hi. we are haveing a BBQ chicken breast on potato bun with pineapple and all the fixens.we were wondering what kind of gormet food you have up their is it all flown in any thing local you can use. and are their any geo-cashing sites up their? some of the guys here do that geo-chaseing thing. we have been busy with lots of heart attacks and car wrecks. you take care. and stay warm..
rob and and guys at luckies 13 house .. albany oregon.

Posted by: FireFighter -ROb and the guys at station -13 at January 16, 2004 11:54 AM