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November 11, 2003

Off to the Field

What? I haven't told you about my trip to Cape Evans or Halloween or how it was amazingly warm the other day or about my trip to Cape Royds to see the penguins or about any of the other fun and interesting happenings here down south. And, now I'm heading out in the field to a place called Siple Dome, where I won't have internet access. I'll bring my computer, though, and maybe I'll have time to catch up on few things.

The project that I'm leaving on has to do with measuring the flow rate of ice streams that drain the West Antarctic ice sheet. We'll sleep in tents, live in what's called a Jamesway, and fly to each of our sites in a prop plane called a twin otter. More details after I've lived them.

With luck, I'll be back in a week, or two at most. But, of course, it depends on the weather.

Ms. Shipp's class: Thanks so much for the questions and comments! I'll answer questions soon, and will post some pictures of the volcano for you. And, I'll be able to tell you guys about some glaciers--slow-moving rivers of ice. Maybe Ms. Shipp can show you some pictures! If not, I will.

Hope all readers and loved ones of readers etc. are well.

Off for adventure!

Posted by beth at November 11, 2003 2:45 PM


hey everybody! beth is back from field work. we ALL need to bug her about updating her blog. she seems to be distracted by social life in mcmurdo, but we have to remind her of her curious friends on other continents!

Posted by: wilma - mother of beth at November 20, 2003 7:49 AM