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August 4, 2003

August 3 Check-in

Well, here we are, me with no time to write and it's raining outside and I'm going to Yellowstone tomorrow.

Over the last two weeks, this is what happened:

I got back from Yellowstone [should read: Greenland. My mom's right--I don't know where I'm going, where I've been...].
I went back to Cincinnati to celebrate my birthday with my fam and to go to a family reunion in Kentucky.
I went to a free concert in downtown Boulder and had my backpack ripped off. Inside the backpack was my cell phone, so if you've been trying to call and are confused, there you have it. Keep the number, though, because I'm going to get a new phone and have the same account reinstated.
I got ready to go to Yellowstone.

I leave for Yellowstone tomorrow. It's my first non-training, solo project. There are some interesting details which I don't have the time to fill you in on right now. It should be fun. I plan to get back between Sat Aug 9 and Mon Aug 11.

Today's my mom's birthday. Happy birthday, Mom!

Peace and love,


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