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February 1, 2003

The End?

Well, this is it.

Well, this might be it.

If I leave tomorrow, this is it.

I was originally scheduled out for January 14. I extended and extended and extended and extending, processing the GPS data, until Tuesday, January 28. Then, I was going to leave. For real. My friends here didn't believe me. Yeah, okay, we'll see you tomorrow, they'd say. No, really, for real this time, I'd say. Really. I'm not going to change it.

I didn't. But they were still right. I got bumped from Tuesday's flight. I found this very funny. So did they.

I was rescheduled for the Friday flight. Friday. That was today. I did bag drag Thursday night, which means I packed up all my stuff and took it up to the cargo building and had it weighed and me weighed and left the checked baggage there and took my carry-on back to my roon. Friday morning, in a groggy state, I went about running errands. Transport to the runway (out on the ice) was scheduled for noon. My friend Anne saw me up in cargo around 8 AM. Are you happy to be staying today? she asked. What do you mean? I asked. I'm really leaving this time, I said. She had some news for me. The flight had been cancelled.

I went back to bed.

Tonight, I think there's a good chance we'll actually go out tomorrow. We're scheduled for transport at 11 AM. I won't be heartbroken if we're still around. For one thing, it's 3:44 AM and I'm going to be ridiculously tired tomorrow. For another thing, there's always more work to do. For another thing, there's a birthday party tomorrow night.

If I do leave tomorrow, is this the end of the blog?

I've done a terrible job of keeping up on it anyway, so I feel like I've already dropped it. But it's a great way to keep in touch with all of you who actually read it. I've thoroughly enjoyed being able to share stories, and being able to get feedback and stories and hellos from anyone who's written me. Thanks for that.

As for the end.... Well, it's just another beginning. I don't plan on spending a lot of time on a computer, but I have some friends down here who made me promise to e-mail them in detail about my meals. Food fantasies. As some of you know, I do rather like to eat. Mmmmmmmm...... So, I just may share my culinary experiences in New Zealand through this blog. It's still related to Antarctica, after all. Reentry is one of the most interesting parts of being away.

My plan, in brief (should be easy, since it's devoid of detail anyway): Travel the South Island of New Zealand for about three weeks. Meet up with folks getting off the ice around that time for the Bob Dylan / Ani DiFranco (Dre, are you reading this?) show in Christchurch on February 26. Spend a few weeks traveling the North Island. Maybe somewhere else if finances allow. Go to Hawaii. Come back to mainland US by about mid-August to attend--ay, to participate in!--dear friend Tanja's wedding in Rhode Island (yeah 712).

All tentative. Just like my departure date from this damn continent. I love this place.

Posted by beth at February 1, 2003 2:45 AM


Well, geez, Beff. I'd be more willing to post
I don't know. Maybe its my computer. All the
pictures overlap and all the text runs off of the
screen. But from what I can (kinda) see, it looks
like yer still having fun. Who thought geophysics
could be fun... ha ha. Oh wait. You're not doing
geophysics. You're doing GPS. SOrry. Wow. I
cna't see what I'm typing. Do I have a lot of

Posted by: Christian at February 1, 2003 3:30 AM

Christian, it would probably look normal if you hadn't had so many GnTs before checking the iceblog :)

Yay Beff travel and explore and have fun all Spring! Wow Weird! A girl just walked by my window who looks just like you and I thought, "Hey there's Beff! Oh, wait, no it's not..." :(

Hey if you're still there, can you say hello to Antarctica for me? Thanks! See you soon b :)


Posted by: Tanj at February 1, 2003 4:47 AM

it's great to again see comments from other people than me. i was starting to think i was the only one still interested in what you were doing. make sure you have lots of film for your camera while in new zealand. when you get home, i want to see ALL the sights. going to a bob dylan concert in christchurch? awesome! happy journeys! or do i say, have a great weekend in mcmurdo?

Posted by: wilma, mother of beth at February 1, 2003 6:52 AM

hi beth! i've been following your advntures but missed a few that i need to catch up on. you REALLY caught my attention when you mentioned a visit to R.I.! when--and where in R.I.? make sure you factor in extra time to spend with the Krue"crew" love---aunt loraine

Posted by: aunt loraine at February 1, 2003 9:15 AM

hi again Beth! i hope it goes without saying that you are most welcome to stay with us for the duration of your stay in R.I.--noplace is far in R.I.!!-and we have 4 spare bedrooms[bring your friends!] love--aunt loraine

Posted by: aunt loraine at February 1, 2003 9:35 AM