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January 1, 2003


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We're an hour and twenty minutes in already, and counting. So, from this side, I can tell you that 2003 ain't all that bad. Although I guess it's pretty hard to tell so far.

We six celebrated here in the hut by playing cards and telling stories all evening, and then having a champagne toast at midnight followed by a brief discussion on life philosophy. Nelia brought up a countdown on the web so we could get accurate timing.

I've since donned a string of yellow Mardi Gras beads to show some spirit. YEAH, 2003, brang it!

The wind is picking up, and I suspect it may delay my Thursday departure to McMurdo. Never can tell about this place! Here's to (good) surprises in the new year!!

Please feel free to drop a comment on how you brought in the new year. I'm curious, and sharing is good.

Posted by beth at January 1, 2003 12:32 AM


Well, up here it's still 9 AM on the 31st...

Posted by: Larry C. at January 1, 2003 2:01 AM

About 9am in Boulder. Ico and I will be celebrating with a bunch of friends. Probably drinking and telling stories similar to what you did. You're well ahead of us down there. So do we get to see you soon? Are you going back to McMurdo and then back home?


Posted by: Aga at January 1, 2003 4:02 AM

happy new year, beth! your dad and i decided at the last minute to go out for dinner at an italian restaurant in redmond. we were eating desert when patricia and frank walked by. it was an unexpected treat to chat with them (part of it about your wonderful antarctica writings). home by 6:30. sally and ron came over at 8:00. ate more food and drank yummy hot butter rums. played rummy tiles - i won. the party was "over" about 11:30. your dad laid down in front of the fireplace and fell asleep. i was reading your latest blog entry when i heard explosions, clueing me in to the fact it was midnight and the new year. it was a very good way to greet the year 2003!

Posted by: wilma, mother of beth at January 1, 2003 8:20 PM

happy new year beth.

Posted by: ibon at January 2, 2003 1:05 AM

At-home new year's. Marilyn & I used the vacation day to beat back the mounds of papers & mags. We found parts of her desk that haven't seen light of day since 2001! At midnite we listened to the firecrackers and gunfire (a Detroit tradition) and kept cleaning for another hour even. Was nice to be able to just putter quietly for once.

Posted by: Larry C. at January 2, 2003 1:18 AM

Hi Beff! Scott and I had plans to go night skiing so we could be skiing and/or falling on the snow just as midnight struck in the new year. But Massachusetts weather gave us rain and we had to go to Plan B. We decided to go out to eat, go bowling, then bring in the new year by hiking to the top of our favorite local mountain biking "hill". Well, it turned out that Plan C was chosen for us as our usual bedtime (~10:00) came and went. At around 11:00, after dinner, a coupla beers, and some video games and skeeball at the restaurant, we just happened to be driving by Scott's place on the way to the trails (bowling long since given up on) and thought how nice it would be to go to sleep. For the first time since I can remember, I brought in the new year very warm and comfy and sound asleep. It was fantabulous :) I must be getting old. It's pretty sweet.

Posted by: Tanja at January 3, 2003 2:27 AM

Hey Beth -

We had an amazing New Year, wish you could have been here for. Nicole, Laurie, Steve.....and the entire rest of our crew rented a ski-in-ski-out house in Breck. I think the total was around 20 folks. We played "icy hot" (it's where you sit in the hot tub till your cooking..then do belly flops into the snow...then back in the hottub). And made crazy videos in the weeee hours of the morning (compliments of our own video pro..Steve) Mucho drinking and playing...and we didn't notice the New Year had started until we had already spent the first 15 minutes of it, laughing with friends. Wonderful!!! Wish you had been here! :) We'll get you next year.

Posted by: Nancy at January 3, 2003 3:49 AM

Nancy pretty much summed it up!!! Was an irresistable bliss.

2003: Life doesn't suck.


Posted by: Steve at January 3, 2003 6:19 PM

Looking forward to hanging with you in 2003 --- I spent the first few days of 2003 on a warm tropical island that you'll be visiting before you know it.



Posted by: WW at January 4, 2003 7:00 AM