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December 3, 2002

Check-in Dec 3, 2002

(Picture from Dec 02, ~9 AM, and slightly nastier than at present.)

I'm back! Back online, that is. Our ethernet connection was down until just this afternoon, and now it's 10:30 already and I've so much to get caught up on and just not so much time. In summary, this is what's happened: Fang, the acclimitization camp, Thursday-Saturday; arrival here and taking it easy Saturday-Sunday; wind storm Monday-present. Whew. I've been working on getting you the goods, but pictures take a long time to upload and they're the best part. So, it's time for me to go to bed and hope to have time to work on this tomorrow. If the weather holds, it shouldn't be a problem.

A note on that McMurdo weather box on the main page. Heh. Positive degrees F. Whatever. Up here on Erebus, we've been at about -20 F or less for two days. Wind guts up to 40 knots, consistently around 10-25 knots. At least we're up here in the hut. There are four people who just started their stint at Fang, able to get in by helo today in a lull in the storm early evening.... They may just be wishing the weather hadn't broken this afternoon after all.

At present: 30 knots, -30 C.

My home, on a nice day (or, in this case, a nice part of a nasty day):

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Posted by beth at December 3, 2002 9:33 PM


So I sit here in Minneapolis and read about Beth and imagine the scenes she describes. Crazy, beautiful, cold, sobering weather and terrain. Conversely, when I remember camping and exploring with Beth, I cannot forget sweating through tropical humid rainforest, standing on the rim of Poas Volcano in cool, cloud rainforest mists and bodysurfing at Playa Naranjo in Santa Rosa National Park. All of that and more! Yep, we were in Costa Rica. About 9 to 13 degrees north of the equator. Does this girl get around or what? I do not mean to detract from her present situation. Beth's opportunity to participate in fieldwork on/near a volcano in Antarctica is FANTASTIC! Keep on keeping on, Beth. Can you tell us what information you will try to gather while you are up there? What are you going to learn about the volcano?

Posted by: bill miller at December 5, 2002 11:47 AM

no, really, I didn't see most of the text in the "What I do" section. I now know the answers to my questions regarding what beth is going to learn up there.

Posted by: bill miller at December 6, 2002 11:47 AM