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December 15, 2002

Check-in Dec 15, 2002

[Parking at MACZ. Note approach--a bit steep.]

December 15, taken mostly from my journal:
Sunday is for sleeping in. It’s also for making up for bad Saturdays.

Starting late, sometime around 3, Phil and I headed to check on MACZ, then to pick up EAST, and, after a return trip to the hut to drop off equipment and have a cup of tea, HELZ. Back the first time around 5:15; the second time probably after 6:30. Beautiful day, as usual, and though my thumb was again painfully and frustratingly cold on the way to MACZ, the majority of the outing was fine and found me in a good mood. Very thin stripes of cloud, sometimes just one, across blue sky—somewhat surreal. Is the world still beautiful without my goggles on? Brighter, but still beautiful

Antarctica smells like ginger and lemon. No, maybe that’s just the smell of Sarah’s ointment which I’ve put around my nostrils.

[Harry's Dream (ice tower, left) and EAST (GPS antenna, right).]

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