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November 28, 2002

FANG: The Approach

I was treated to an excellent helicopter flight up to Fang in an A-Star (zippy sportscar), front seat, just me and Barry, the pilot. Because he wanted to check out the location of a reported "exploding glacier" by a place called Turk's Head, he deviated from his normal route to Fang and flew lower along the coast and up the flanks of the volcano, treating me to an incredible view of the coastal features and of the crevasses on Erebus. I filmed almost the whole thing... Or, I thought I did. Barry gave me the perfect opportunity. As it turned out, for most of the flight, I was paused when I thought I was recording and recording when I thought I was pausing. So I've got some nice footage of my pantleg, and no footage of the supposed exploding glacier.

Luckily, I caught on about midway through the flight, and still have some nice pictures of the approach to Fang. Check the link below for a few; a link to some more should be available shortly.

Thanks for the great flight, Barry! (Note oxygen. The helotech who showed me to my ride said, while pointing out features of the helocopter, "And here's oxygen, in case you get light-headed...But if you're getting light-headed and you're staying at Fang, you're probably in trouble."

Fang Ridge with clouds.

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