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November 21, 2002



Arrival was definitely uneventful, though busy. They hurry us off the plane to a big red bus with some more glamorous name which I can’t remember, drive us across the ice, and drop us at the ‘chalet’ at McMurdo, where we get briefed on the important things and get our room keys. Then, our group proceeded first to the lab to get our office space and keys, then to our rooms, and then to dinner. Cafeteria style. In our dorm. Very, very, college-esque. Good thing I liked college.

After dinner, organizing the equipment, and after that, a beer, and after that, bed. But it was still light. Wait, shouldn’t we be working? It’s still light! Beth, shut up and drink your beer. What, is this my first beer still? But I’m already buzzed…Wait, this is the first third of my first beer? Oh, jeez, it’s going to be a long two months….

Posted by beth at November 21, 2002 3:56 AM


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